Prof Pauline Horne

I have a longstanding theoretical interest in the symbolic power of naming, and how it transforms young children’s thinking to create a distinctively human consciousness.  This is reflected in my developmental research, informed by behaviour analysis, on how infants learn to name, categorise, and imitate.  My translational research is centred on the development of preventive behaviour change interventions that encourage children to eat healthily and enjoy being active. I love being with my family and friends, travelling, and sleeping when I get the chance.

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Dr Mihela Erjavec

My research interests and expertise are in developmental behaviour analysis, especially early development of imitation and cognition; child health and well being; and behaviour change interventions. I have a strong interest in the interventions that optimise outcomes for children with developmental disabilities. I enjoy teaching and communicating scientific findings to diverse academic and lay audiences. I love vegetarian food; walking; nature; arts and crafts.

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Dr Simon Viktor

My research interests and expertise are in personality, emotional and motivational aspects of health related behaviours in non-clinical and clinical populations. I enjoy many relaxing activities, including multivariate data analysis. When I am not working, you can usually find me in the mountains or by the sea.

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Catherine Sharp

My research interests include the development of behaviour change interventions to reduce childhood obesity, with a particular focus on pre-school children. I enjoy understanding how children and adults learn behaviour and am always looking for opportunities to share our research findings. Outside of work, I enjoy aikido, singing, and countryside pursuits.

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Twitter: @Cas__Sharp

Mariel Marcano-Olivier

My research interests include consumption behaviours, such as healthy eating, consumption of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS), and maladaptive behaviours such as disordered eating, heavy drinking and drug use. I enjoy reading and writing scientific information. I love camping, mixed martial arts (watching and participating) and knitting.

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Twitter: @FoodPsyched

Shona Whitaker

My main research interest is finding fun and engaging ways of increasing children’s physical activity levels. In my own time I enjoy long walks on the beach, climbing up walls, arts, travel, and baking.

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Jake Sallaway-Costello

My research interests are in the psychology of public health, particularly concerning dietary culture and healthy eating interventions. I am also interested in the relationship between gender and health behaviours. I have been involved in various international education projects and am committed to supporting foreign learners in the UK. I play the piano and love finding exciting vegan foods abroad.

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Ruth Pearson-Blunt

I am a third year psychology student and mother to five children. My research interests are in developmental psychology and behaviour change. I keep reptiles and have two cats. I enjoy going for walks and spending time with my family.

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Duncan Pascoe

I am a keen student of psychology with a desire to learn and develop skills in research. I have a great interest in the areas of auditory neuroscience, social neuroscience, control of mental processes and behaviour change interventions. I like long hikes, sports, board games and cinema. 

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Undergraduate Research Project Students (2015 - 2016)

Sophie Jonsson, Keri Davidson and Patrick Elliott joined the lab to undertake their undergraduate dissertation. They evaluated a newly developed intervention to increase pre-school children’s physical activity levels, using accelerometers (Fitbits).