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The Food Dudes programme: Changing children’s eating for life.

Food Dudes healthy eating programme is a whole-school behaviour change intervention that is effective in increasing primary age children’s consumption of fruit and veg. Over 700,000 children across the UK, EU and US have taken part and benefited so far. Find out more about the Food Dudes programme...

Changing the choice architecture of school food environments

We had been working with school caterers to change the choice architecture of dining environment in primary schools, encouraging children’s consumption of fruit and veg in school dinners and packed lunches. Healthy foods including fruit and veg are available to most UK children in school dining rooms but they are often ignored, perceived as uncool and left uneaten. This is why we have been working with caterers in the West Midlands, Bolton and Leeds to develop effective training for catering staff. Find out more about this project.

Increasing the intake of fruit and veg in Special Schools

Healthy eating is especially difficult to achieve with children with intellectual disabilities, who often show change-resistant behaviours such as idiosyncratic eating patterns and reluctance to try new foods. This is why we had been working with Special Schools in England and Wales to apply and modify Food Dudes Programme to suit their environment. Find out more about this project.

Eating more fruit and veg displaces foods high in fat, sugar and salt in children’s diets

We have developed a digital-photography based method of recording eating in schools to investigate the extent to which increasing intake of fruit and veg changes the nutritional composition of children’s meals. Find out more ...

Increasing pre-school children’s consumption of fruit and vegetables through a modelling and rewards intervention

We have devised and tested a nursery-based intervention that gives toddlers and preschoolers the best possible start in life by teaching them to love eating their fruit and veg. Using the same key principles as Food Dudes Programmes in primary schools, we developed and trialled a new programme for preschool aged children. Find out more ...

Dynamic Dudes are successfully increasing physical activity in primary school children

Health benefits of engaging in regular physical activity and avoiding sedentary behaviour are well documented, yet few children exercise enough. This is a job for Dynamic Dudes! Find out more about Dynmaic Dudes ...

Let’s have some adventures! Increasing pre-school children’s physical activity levels with a role-modelling intervention.

Wouldn’t it be good if regular periods of fun activity became a part of preschoolers’ daily routine? The nursery version of the Dynamic Dudes, presently in development, aims to achieve just this. Find out more about this project ...

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